Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

What Exactly Are Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects?

Whenever a guy receives an analysis of cancer of the prostate, among his primary concerns is going to be the way the disease and also the prostate cancer treatment side effects will affect his everyday existence. It is important for that physician to maintain the individual up to date in regards to what cancer of the prostate treatment unwanted effects he might have. Impotence is among the cancer of the prostate treatment unwanted effects. Impotence may be the lack of ability to keep a harder erection. Some males need to have for their testicles removed throughout the surgery for cancer of the prostate, and will also cause roughly 90% to become impotent. Another kind of strategy to cancer of the prostate is hormone therapy. This is accomplished giving the individual drugs to lower their testosterone levels and will also cause impotence in certain patients. Hormone treatments are caused by cancer of the prostate treatment unwanted effects.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Another among the prostate cancer treatment side effects is incontinence. This is actually the lack of ability to manage the flow of urine. Throughout the surgery to get rid of the prostate, the sphincters and surrounding pelvic muscles off are destabilized leading to the individual to become not able to manage their flow of urine. They’ll frequently are afflicted by seeping urine. Many males take part in exercises known as Kegel exercises that can enable them to restore the sphincter and pelvic muscle strength required to control their flow of urine. Infertility is yet another among the prostate cancer treatment side effects. Before getting strategy to cancer of the prostate, you will find several processes to saving the sperm for example giving the sperm to some sperm bank.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

This really is necessary just in case the individual suffers any harm to his testicles which could result in a lack of sperm. Whenever a guy has cancer of the prostate, frequently among the cancer of the prostate treatment unwanted effects would be that the cancer will spread towards the bones. This really is known as bone metastases, causes discomfort and may weaken the bones till they fracture. Doctors may recommend surgery to stabilize a destabilized bone or bones that are due to cancer of the prostate treatment unwanted effects. A surgeon may place rods and plates to aid the bones broken by metastasis. Everyday, more recent and remedies for prostate cancer treatment unwanted effects are now being developed. Keeping up to date with the most recent cancer of the prostate remedies can help the individual to handle the inevitable unwanted effects and enable them to to find out their strategy.

Reflux Treatment – Why Prescription Medicines For Acid Reflux May Not Be The Best Option

For some people, acid reflux treatment in a medicated form may not always be the best option. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the most important ones is that these are designed to be used only in the short term and long term usage is not always recommended by your doctor.

Although acid reflux treatment is great for those that are looking for short term relief from some rather painful symptoms, using it in the long term could lead to a dependency on the drugs which can also affect other medication that you are taking.

With regards to reflux treatment, sometimes alternative and more natural methods would have a better effect on the condition and these do not have to be massively life changing things. It could be as simple as watching what you eat a little more closely or just quitting smoking.

Reflux Treatment - Why Prescription Medicines For Acid Reflux May Not Be The Best Option

Although these things may seem difficult to incorporate at first, after a while you will hardly notice the changes aside from the fact that the reflux treatment that you once needed in a medicated form may not have such as major feature in your life.

Aside from changing your diet so that you are ingesting less in the way of fatty or acidic foods, making sure you have enough exercise can make the world of difference to whether or not you need reflux treatment in the form of prescription medicines that your physician may have administered.

As little as half an hour of exercise three or four times a week can mean that the symptoms that you normally associate with your reflux problem may be lessened and therefore making life more bearable.

There are a few changes to your life that you can make to avoid the need for medicated reflux treatment and these include not wearing your clothes too tight around your stomach area. This can slow down the digestion process setting the path for digestion problems like acid reflux. Even loosening your belt by a notch or two can make a massive difference.

Reflux Treatment - Why Prescription Medicines For Acid Reflux May Not Be The Best Option

All in all, the ways in which you decide to change your life for the better to avoid the need for acid reflux treatment that you must get from a pharmacy or from your doctor is up to you, but after a little while, these small changes will have made an awful lot of difference to the symptoms that you have as well as the way you look at food, so perhaps it is time to start making those changes now?

Pro’s And Con’s Opinions Concerning Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer can affect all ages in men, from very young men through to their full adult life, and beyond into the 65. It is important to note that even though, prostate cancer is a cancer of sorts, the patients that have been killed by the cancer, is in fact, far less that those patients killed by other diseases, infections and various other circumstances.

First of all prostate cancer, of course, should not be taken lightly in any case, but should be kept within its reasonable margins of explanation. It is however, not unusual to have vast generalizations about the disease. Weighing up the pro’s and the con’s with regard to surgery takes a great deal of consultation and emotional effort on both part of the consultant and the patient, as with most cases, the removal of the prostate gland becomes the obvious but sometimes not the necessary treatment.

For example, when treating prostate cancer, it is vital that any recommendations are based upon not just a medical point of view, but from the individuals point of view. The prostate gland itself is the very backbone of the male sex organs, and if removed can render the patient impotent, have bowel problems and even incontinence.

The patient’s quality of life must remain in the balance of the equation of risk to their immediate and long-term health and shouldn’t suffer accordingly. It is critical that any medical decision, involving treatments, should be made solely upon the wishes of the patient and reflect, in balance, the threat to his survival.

Bearing this in mind, scientists from around the world have performed huge amounts of tests and experiments to try and find alternative methods of treating prostate cancer, and have found that implantation of radioactive pellets into the prostate cancer can treat it without having to go through major surgery or removal of the gland altogether.

Pro's And Con's Opinions Concerning Prostate Cancer Treatments

The best therapy, is one which is suited to the needs of the individual, ensuring that the patient is clear and has had a concise brief of the risks and factors involved in the chosen course of action.

5 Reasons That Sleep Aids Do Not Stack Up To Alternative Medicine

Below are five reasons why sleep aids don’t stack up to alternative medicine.

Sleeping Pills are Highly AddictiveIt seems like such an easy fix to a simple problem. There are so many choices that line the aisles of your favorite local drug stores. I mean, you can purchase them over the counter, after all, so how harmful can they be, right? Wrong. Doctors have been cautioning patients against the overuse of common sleeping aids for years, mainly because they can seem like an easy way out. Instead of trying to work through your problem of restlessness at night, popping two pills and calling it a night seems like a fast and painless solution.

Warm Milk Can Cause Stomach AchesMany people are lactose intolerant these days. And even for those that are not, drinking milk at bedtime could prove quite uncomfortable throughout the night. Sure, it seems soothing, and it may coat the stomach, helping you drift off into slumber. But, expect to wake during the night once the after-effects set in. Your tummy is not given enough time to process the milk during the night, and your body is trying to rest, not digest, anything you put in it at nighttime.

5 Reasons That Sleep Aids Do Not Stack Up To Alternative Medicine

Electric Bills Will Certainly Keep You UpIf you are one of those people that needs the radio or the television on at night in order to carry you off into dreamland, be advised that you are in for more restlessness in the future. Not only will the noise be highly disruptive to your dreams and your overall sleeping experience, but these appliances cost a lot of energy and money to keep them going when you are not awake. If you thought you were having trouble sleeping now, imagine how you will feel the next time an expensive bill is sitting in your mailbox.

HypnosisThose who suffer from insomnia often seek hypnotherapy as a means of aiding in the sleeping process. While some people have actually benefited from this method, countless others have found that it either does not work, or works a little too well. Mind control can be a very dangerous thing, and finding a highly trained professional can often be tricky. Plus, being hypnotized into sleeping seems unnatural, and will leave you feeling even groggier in the morning. It is not worth the cost for all the side effects.

5 Reasons That Sleep Aids Do Not Stack Up To Alternative Medicine

Liquor Is Quicker But DangerousAt one point, we get fed up with our insomnia, and end up turning to the bottle to help us sleep much faster. A glass of wine, a shot of brandy, a few beers are all known to make us sleepy after awhile. In moderation, these are not necessarily bad, but when this becomes a nightly ritual, there is certainly a problem. Also, the body has to work extra hard to ensure that the waste is removed, causing the mind to stay drowsy but the rest of you to continue going internally, leaving you exhausted the next day.

Consider scented aromatherapy. It has the power to transform our emotions, and heal our bodies. It certainly won’t cost as much as those pills and bills. And there is no addiction or subconscious tampering involved.

Looking For The Best Hospital For Cancer Treatment in India Read This Article

Don’t lose hope. If there are deadly diseases, there are great hospitals. Now that you’ve found that you or any of your loved ones has become the victim of Cancer, it’s time to look for the Best Hospital for Cancer Treatment. Below are 5 tips that are sure to help you find the most-appropriate hospital. Make sure you use the tips. Here are they:

a) References from Family, Friends, and Colleagues

There is no point in hiding the truth. Face it. This is the first step in fighting against the disease. Discuss the issue with your family, friends, and colleagues. Ask them for references.

b) Go Online

Read about the disease, its symptoms, and treatments. This will help you know this disease better and find the best solutions available. You’ll be in a much better position to take action.

c) Browse leading hospitals Online

Almost all leading hospitals are now online. They’ve their own websites. So, it’s easy for you to know whether this particular hospital is idle for you or not.

d) Fix Appointments

Talk to docs. Ask as many questions as you want related to the treatment for your disease. Also utilize this time to know your doctor. See whether he/she has performed similar surgeries/treatments in the past or not. Know the pros and cons of the treatment, being suggested by the doc.

5) See Options Available. Go for the Best Option

Zero-in on 3-4 hospitals. Finally choose the hospital which is well-equipped to carry out such procedures/treatments.

Hope this article helps you find the Best Hospital for Cancer Treatment India! Once you undergo the treatment, make sure you stick with the suggested Do’s and Don’ts. Post treatment, you may be asked to bring some changes in your daily life routine. Follow each and every word of the guidelines. Also, stick to post-operative follow-up sessions with your docs.

Earlier the Disease is Detected, Greater are the Chances of Recovery

It’s true. Timely detection of cancer helps in better treatment. This makes regular visits to your docs all the more important.

Thankfully, there are several good hospitals around. So, it won’t be that much difficult to find one for the right treatment.

Last but not the least – It’s time to fight back not to kneel down. Medical Science is doing phenomenal job. So, there is no need to lose hope. Have faith in God! Have faith in medical professionals! Things will be fine.

Natural Herbs Medicine – Improve Your Health Naturally

Natural herbs can be used to cure many health problems. Here are a few ways in which you too can improve your health and increase your energy level using only natural herbal remedies.

Many uses of natural herbs

People use herbs differently to improve their ways of life. For instance, you may find diet herbal supplement, as well as body creams and lotions with medicinal herbs.

Most commonly natural herbs are used to combat:

– high blood pressure
– acne
– arthritis
– difficulties with menopause
– hair loss
– anxiety
– depression

Medicinal natural herbs are mostly found in Asia. One reason is climate – warm and humid it promotes plants growth. It is also traditional way of living, using healing herbs as natural remedies. Recently the Western world has also caught on the usage of medicinal herbs, as being better than the use of traditional medicines. Most commonly use natural herbs are Aloe Vera, Tee Tree, chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and St John’s wort.

Why people prefer alternative herbal treatments to conventional drugs?

Many of us trust healing plants in place of common medicine, because using herbal medicine is a safer alternative to ordinary drugs. Natural herbs almost always will give you the results desired however, it will not work as fast as strong conventional drugs. This happens because healing herbs work for your entire body, making it stronger, not just fight one problem. However, natural herb medicine is still medicine which means that a doctor should prescribe your herbal remedy. Also remember to finish the course even after you started to feel better, otherwise you will not gain the full benefit of herbal treatment.

Finding the right natural medicinal herbs for you

Many people with serious chronic diseases turn to natural remedies for cure, relief and a generally better life. Even though natural herbs are harmless, selecting the right herbal remedy is important, because there are no magical "cure all" herbs. For herbal medicine to work best it should be taken at the right dosage and at the right time of day, usually morning is recommended.

Natural Herbs Medicine - Improve Your Health Naturally

And how will you know what herbs you need? The only way is to check with a doctor if there is an herbal treatment for your condition and whether it will help you. Don’t just go to a Chinese herbs shop and buy whatever remedy they recommend, it might not work for you.

Taking any medicine including medicinal herbs without doctor’s advice is really not a good idea, because healing plants are still medication. Never forget that you will not gain any benefits if you administer the wrong herb, quantity or treatment.

Locating your natural herbal remedies

Visit a clinic that specializes on alternative medicine, they can give you qualified advice. They will fully check your health. Be prepared to go through a full examination, because for holistic medicine it is very important to cure all diseases as a complex. After that the doctor will tell you what natural herb or combination of herbs you need, to cure or relief to your suffering as well as help you live longer and healthier.

You can find very many herbs that have medicinal properties. So all you really need to do is to determine which herbs to use for which situation. Than discuss it with your doctor and you will be on the path to curing your diseases with natural herbs.

Rebounding Back Into a Healthy Life

Trampolines in many cases are considered to be either juvenile or for professional gymnasts. Well, new mini tramps are making an astounding impact on the health and exercise scene, and is useful by people of all ages.

The unique thing about these rebounding routines is that it utilizes the power of gravity as a tool to help benefit health. According to Dr. West, your body automatically strengthens itself against stresses that are immediately present.

The neat thing about forcing your body to work against gravity is that it doesn’t just target specific muscles, but actually reverberates through every cell in the body. This accounts for many healthy consequences that are not available by any other exercise routine.

So aside from building/ toning muscles and burning calories/ shedding fat, these routines are going to help in some rather unique ways. According to reports, people with allergies noticed a decrease in symptoms and in some cases complete recovery from their allergies.

It took about six months for rebounder practitioners to start noticing the allergy relieving affects. However, within those months their body and cardio strength was being greatly affected.

Rebounding Back Into a Healthy Life

Research has also shown that bouncing can actually replace the effects of running on arthritis. With just 2 to 3 minutes spent each day, you will be receiving blood flow to joints all across your body.

What this does is decreases calcium loss, and increases bone density and joint strength. However, if you do have arthritis, be careful not to overdo it.

The great thing about these rebounder routines is that you are only working against your own weight and gravity. This means that the exercises can be as intense as you make them.

If you are a little on the fragile side, then it would probably be best for you to start exercising a little lighter. Even starting small is going to be great for overall health.

You will notice a lot of core strength being built from these exercises. That is going to result in some incredible balance and blood circulation.

Remember that your body’s muscles, organs and tissues are all going to work synergistically with each other. That means if you strengthen one part of your body, all the other parts are going to be affected by the improvement to that specific area.

Each cell in your body is like a balloon. When you put them under the pressure of g force, by jumping up and down, you begin to blow them up and strengthen them.

This will result in naturally young looking skin, and can be a great substitute for plastic surgery. So instead of paying a doctor thousands of dollars to mold you a new face out of plastic, you can just jump on a mini tramp for a few minutes each day.

Breast cancer treatment can lead to premature menopause

You or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. How do you begin to deal with this overwhelming news? One of the best ways is by educating yourself so you can make informed decisions.

The methods used to treat breast cancer depend on the size of the tumor and the “stage” of the cancer. If a woman with breast cancer ends up having surgery, afterwards she is often advised to get “adjuvant” therapy. The goal of adjuvant therapy, which targets cancer cells that may still be in the woman’s body after surgery, is to reduce the risk of the cancer recurring. The most common adjuvant therapy for breast cancer is chemotherapy, or chemo.

Chemo can be highly effective; according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation it can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence by one-third. One of the risks, however, is that certain chemo drugs can damage a woman’s ovaries, which in turn reduces the amount of estrogen produced in her body. These decreased levels of estrogen can trigger “premature menopause,” no matter how young the woman is – with symptoms such as not getting a period, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, depression and insomnia.

Breast cancer treatment can lead to premature menopause

Women with breast cancer who are interested in starting a family or adding to one should know that chemo-induced menopause can lead to temporary or permanent infertility. If this applies to you, you should speak with your doctor and/or a reproductive endocrinologist about the methods you might be able to use to try and preserve your fertility. You need to make decisions about all of your options before beginning any cancer treatment.

There are excellent websites that provide tons of information about breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment, managing symptoms and much more. Here are a few of the top sites:

Breast cancer treatment can lead to premature menopause features oncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology has information about types of breast cancer, stages, and myths, as well as a great online video called Beyond the Shock® – a step-by-step guide to understanding breast cancer from the American Cancer Society is a place where you can learn about breast cancer, risk factors, prevention and treatment, and read stories of hope from people whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Skin Cancer – Treatment, Symptoms and Medication

Skin cancer causes

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are considered to be the main cause of skin cancer. The energy which comes from the sun is actually a form of radiation. People cannot see the visible light as well as other rays that it consisted of. For example, infrared radiation which is invisible makes the light of the sun very hot. You can also not see UV due to its invisibility but it causes sunburn and sun tan. The genetic makeup of our genes which is the DNA gets damaged due to the UV rays. It is already a known fact that genes control the growth as well as the overall health of the skin cells. If the genetic damage is way too severe, then it is possible that normal skin cells may start to grow in an uncontrolled or disorderly manner, very typical of cancer cells. The UV rays of the sun are also known to cause sunburn as well as other damages which can make the skin old and wrinkled prematurely.

Ultraviolet radiation is of two two kinds:Ultraviolet A (UVA)Ultraviolet B (UVB)

Once upon a time, it was normally thought that excessive exposure to UVB rays were the main cause of skin cancer. But now, scientists think that UVA must also be the culprit. But some of the skin cancers are also caused by abnormal genes that children tend to inherit from their parents. Genes are what makes parents and their children look a little bit alike but at the same time, it’s also possible parents also transfer some of the diseases to their children through genes. Thus, children end up getting some of the same diseases from their parents.

Skin Cancer SymptomsA red lump (mole or spot) that is firmFlat scaly areas of the skin that are red or brown.Rough and scaly patches on the skin.A small mole or spot (lump) that is waxy, shiny, smooth in texture and pale in color.A spot or sore that become crusty or bleeds. Also search for sores which don’t heal.Scaly and rough patches on the skin.Any new growth which is suspicious

Skin Care Treatment

Surgical removal of the affected skin or mole is the crutch of skin cancer treatment in terms of both basal cell as well as squamous cell carcinomas. Those who are not able to undergo surgical treatment can be treated with external radiation therapy. In radiation therapy, a small beam of radiation is targeted at that particular point where the skin lesion is. What radiation does is that it kills the abnormal growth of the cells and at the same time destroys the lesions. But it should be noted that radiation therapy might cause irritation or burning of the surrounding areas and can also cause fatigue. Yet the side effects associated with radiation therapy are temporary and not long lasting. Nowadays, even a topical cream has recently been approved for the treatment of some particular nonmelanoma skin cancers.In terms of skin cancers that has gone up to 2nd or 3rd stages, immune therapies such as vaccines or chemotherapy are also used. But these treatments are offered as clinical trials which are studies of new therapies to if this therapy work better and is better tolerated than those therapies that are used more frequently.

Generic Aldara Cream – Skin cancer topical treatment

The generic Aldara cream is a prescription medication which is used for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma which is a type of skin cancer and a host of other serious skin diseases. It can be said that Aldara is an expensive medication that has come as off patent and is now available in generic form which means that it can now be purchased at a lesser price.

The Use of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer may be treated by a variety of therapies including surgery, but chemotherapy and radiation treatments are used extensively to treat the disease whether surgery takes place or not.

The Use of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer Treatment


Chemotherapy involves drug medication which is designed to kill fast growing cells in the body – cancer cells are fast growing and it is this uncontrolled growth which causes tumors to develop. Unfortunately, the medications which are administered are unable to differentiate between cancer cells and other fast growing cells, such as the red blood cells and hair. As a consequence, there are side effects involved in receiving chemotherapy which includes hair loss and other debilitating symptoms.

Many patients do not like the idea of receiving chemotherapy because they have heard of the side effects usually associated with receiving the treatment. Management of the side effects has come a long way and in many instances, patients do not experience them to as great an extent as they originally anticipated.

The Use of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer Treatment

Typically, chemotherapy will involve a combination of drugs which will target specific types of cancer cell – not all cancer cells are fast growing, and different drugs will attack different types of cancer cell depending on the stage it has reached.

Radiotherapy or Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment uses ionizing radiation such as gamma rays to kill cancer cells. The radiation can be targeted very precisely at the area where the cancer has occurred within the body and in some instances is capable of being delivered so that it affects only the tumor and not healthy tissue.

Radiation treatment may also be used to reduce the size of a tumor so that it becomes operable.

Radiation stops cells from undergoing division and forming new copies of the DNA which they contain. If a cell is reproducing quickly, it is likely to be susceptible to radiation which will interfere in its development and as cancer cells are fast growing, they are especially vulnerable to the treatment. Unfortunately, cancer cells are not the only cells which are fast growing as we have already seen, and radiation therapy affects blood cells, hair and skin.

Side effects include hair loss, redness of the skin, itching, loss of skin through the outer layers sloughing off, pain and heightened sensitivity, skin pigmentation and swelling (known as "edema").

The Use of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer Treatment

Both therapies may cause a loss in appetite, changes in how your sense of taste and heart issues as well as nausea and vomiting. Patients undergoing these treatments tend to become tired very easily while receiving treatment and there is an increased risk of infection as the white blood cells are also adversely affected by the treatment.

We have already noted that radiation treatment may be used to shrink a tumor so it may be removed, but they also are used to tackle cancers which do not lend themselves to surgery in the first instance. Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) is usually inoperable and is treated by these joint therapies while operable lung cancers use these treatments both before and after surgery to ensure that any cells which have not been removed by surgery are killed off to prevent recurrence of the condition.